For far too long, the church has been known for what it is against. We want to be known for what we are for.  

We are...


Creating spaces for stories like this

Jennifer was persistent. She kept inviting a family in her neighborhood that didn’t go to church. Finally, they relented and agreed to come to KidStuf at Gwinnett Church. Here’s the rest of the story.

“I'd been inviting a neighbor and her family to visit Gwinnett Church. I used the recent KidStuf event as an open door, saying: "Come! Check it out! It's tons of fun and Garrett will have a blast!" So they came to KidStuf on Friday and Garrett did love it (who wouldn't,)!

I had dinner with her last night and she said that they went back on Sunday and Garrett loved his class (2nd grade) and actually knew some kids from school so he felt really comfortable. The icing on the cake was when he got a postcard in the mail yesterday from "his teachers" at "his church."  :)

I love the way GC does church and how our leaders, staff, and volunteers look for all the little ways to reach out to a second grade boy and, with a simple postcard, turn him from a visitor to an owner in "his church."

How awesome is that?! It also illustrates why we need to expand our current location. When Garrett gets to middle school in Transit, we won’t have room for him. This is why we are creating more spaces to reach more faces, but we need your help. This website is designed to inform and invite you to join us in this journey. Together, we will share the best news anyone will ever hear: God is with you and God is for you. Sign up to pledge and find out how you can be a part of what Jesus is building here.